Our History and Mission

To be a FORCE in the community, state and region by giving kids the
opportunity for exposure to scholarship opportunities!

NM Force was established in 1992 with one team coached by David Romero, based out of a church. In 1994, the Romero brothers, David and Ross, “formally” founded the organization.

The Romero brothers coached three teams in 1994. In 2001, NM Force became a 501(c)3
organization and fielded 9 teams (7 boys and 2 girls teams). 2003 marked the first year that NM Force began coaching high school aged kids in order to provide exposure and opportunities for college scholarships. In 2004, the Albuquerque Aztecs
travel team and Coach Lennard McMillan joined with NM Force. With a modest beginning of one team NM Force has grown to become the premier basketball organization in the state and a FORCE to be reckoned with regionally and nationally.

The mission of NM Force is to help kids of all backgrounds. Many kids are not in ideal family or financial situations. We created our Non-Profit Organization with those different backgrounds in mind. The idea behind the Force was to create a sports alternative, in order to keep kids in something positive as opposed to being in gangs, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, etc. The coaches as well as guest speakers discuss the dangers of engaging in these types of activities. The original board of directors decided that ALL kids, regardless of their financial or family background should have the same opportunities. We did not want there to be a fee to participate in the program. Rather, we require the kids to work their way through the program with fundraising (club fee instituted in 2006). Each team is responsible for determining what tournaments they will participate in each year according to the funds they raise. Their efforts teach them goal setting, responsibility, discipline and accountability.




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6’9” Michael Cobbins, 2010, 17u team – with the 2-handed slam!!

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